SHEARWATER HAS DEEP experience Supporting:

  • First-generation students
  • Online adult learners
  • International students
  • Students of color
  • Women and minorities in STEM
  • Graduate students

PROGRAMS THAT MEET STUDENTS 'WHERE THEY ARE AT': Shearwater leverages field-tested modules and messaging, ensuring that each student receives a learning pathway that is relevant to their context and development needs.

In practice:

  • A first-gen student studying business is matched with a first-gen peer mentor who just completed an internship in finance. During an introductory module on goal setting, the mentee shares that he is struggling to connect with his roommate, who attended a prestigious boarding school and keeps talking about his parents' yacht. The mentor suggests they cover the Discussion Guide entitled "Confronting Privilege", where they roleplay ways to overcome this challenge.


  • An international student from China is matched with an American senior who recently returned from studying abroad in China. While she is very competent academically, she expresses her interest in learning more American Culture. Her mentor suggest they cover the Discussion Guide entailed "American Humor" during their second coffee chat.


  • An online adult learner is worried about managing family life an a full-time job, even to the point where she is considering dropping out of her bachelors-completion program. She is matched with an alumnae mentor who successfully completed her program 2 years ago. Her mentor now has a new job and encourages her to be persistent. They decide to use the module entitled "Stress & Time Management" to kick-off their relationship.

New students felt at home on campus. 94.8% of all participants would recommend this program to their friends.

Shearwater offers a unique and innovative platform to introduce students to university mentors and resources prior to their arrival on campus. The building of such a relationship creates a strong and meaningful foundation for an incoming student.
— Jane Etish-Andrews, Director of Tufts University International Center