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What We Do


What We Do

We engage your community with A Research-backed mentoring solution

How do we do this? With the help of our:


Let us handle the complicated parts of mentorship:

Mentor Recruitment

Mentor Recruitment

We recruit and qualify mentors from your school community.

Your mentors can be:

  • Current students
  • Young alumni
  • Young professionals

Our partners:

  • Spend about one hour per month keeping track of mentors - compared to hundreds of hours at in-house programs. 
There is a strong sense of community at Athenian. I want to give back and this is a perfect way to do it. This is the perfect medium to reconnect with the school.
— Alumni Mentor for The Athenian School

Mentor Training & Matching

Mentor Training & Matching

We provide ongoing training and support for mentors.

Our team provides:

  • Pre-match training

  • Playbooks for each session to guide the mentor through the topics that are important for your students' success 

  • Constant support and troubleshooting



Why is it important that students and mentors have things in common?

  • Students form more meaningful connections with mentors who share interests and experiences, increasing their chances of success.

  • Mentors stay more engaged and motivated to help students who have similar backgrounds.

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guides for each session

guides for each session

We provide guides for each session to ensure the success of each program

Mentors use session guides to teach important topics to incoming students:

  • Goal Setting
  • New Friends and Environments
  • Navigating a Diverse Campus
  • Seeking Out Campus Opportunities
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Managing Schoolwork and Stress
  • Academic Expectations
  • School-Specific Culture
  • Finances and Responsibility
  • Academic Integrity
  • Applying to College/Grad School
  • And many more...

Each session guide includes:

  • One video module 

  • Suggested agendas of talking points

  • Best practices for teaching through empathy and role-play

  • Some follow-up questions for the student


Insights and Data

Insights and Data

We provide insights and data that track success.

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We provide data on:

  • Student and mentor satisfaction
  • Student and mentor engagement
  • Leading indicators of retention (e.g., sense of belonging)
  • And much more

So that your school can:

  • Clearly see the effect our program has on your incoming students or young alumni
  • Provide support where it's needed most
  • Track progress towards the goals in your strategic plan


mentorship sessions are helpful and enjoyable.


feel that every student at the school should go through the program.

53 min.

average time per mentorship session

Ready to learn how mentorship can engage your community?