Midland University

Measuring Impact on Retention

Shearwater partnered with Midland University's Institutional Review Board to run a control trial assessing the impact of its program on first-year retention. The result was a 4.5% increase in re-enrollment.


Tufts University

At Home on Campus

"Shearwater offers a unique and innovative platform to introduce students to university mentors and resources prior to their arrival on campus. The building of such a relationship creates a strong and meaningful foundation for an incoming student." 


Fairfield University

Program Impact on Enrollment

Participants in the program were more than twice as likely to enroll with the university.

The Athenian School

Alumni Mentor Experience

"There is a strong sense of community at Athenian. I want to give back and this is a perfect way to do it. This is the perfect medium to reconnect with the school."

Cheshire Academy

Program Outcomes

Through my mentorship program, I felt a strong􏰀 connection with my high school and I was really happy that I could achieve to be somebody that other people can learn from.


High Mowing School

What is a Mentorship?

Following one student and mentor through the mentorship process from pre-arrival through the end of the year.