Define SuccesS

Before kicking off a program, we will clearly define the outcomes we are trying to achieve.

significantly increase student yield

involve Students in more campus activities 

Engage Alumni for 100's of hours

Identify Mentors

The best mentors understand your community. We work with campus stakeholders to identify the best alumni and student leader groups to engage as mentors.


Your Mentors might Be...

Young Professionals

Recent Graduates

Student Leaders

Recruit Mentors

Shearwater runs your mentor recruitment campaign, giving you full transparency every step of the way.

Mentor Matching

As mentors register, they complete our field-tested matching survey, allowing us to match new students with a mentor based on their needs and interests (students take a similar survey).

I volunteered as a mentor because I know how helpful it would have been to have an older student or alumna helping me during my time in school.
— Lisa W., Mentor

Mentor Training

Shearwater provides partners with a library of online training modules.

Talking with my mentor helped me feel really confident, because I knew what to expect in classes and on campus. But he also pushed me to try new things. This was scary at first, but we prepared together, and it was totally worth it.
— Steve S., Student


Once mentors and students are matched, schools can monitor outcomes, such as risks flagged and session completion, through their online portal.