MENTORSHIP helps international students succeed on campus

  • Alumni or current student mentors guide international students through social and cultural learning.

  • Students begin mentorship over the summer, so that they feel comfortable before they arrive.

  • Students integrate, make strong social bonds, and help the whole community thrive.

  • Administrators have access to student-level reporting so that they can monitor the program's progress and impact.

  • International student yield and retention is significantly increased.

We are so happy with the way our new Chinese students are integrating in the community. Clearly, they stepped onto the campus this year with an intention of joining in as much as possible — and they have really been able to follow through. As a result, we see them hanging out comfortably with the American classmates (which of course has resulted in steady improvement in their English), and we see them engaging in their classes well. We are all so pleased — and we recognize that the Shearwater mentorship program has played a critical role in this!
— Bev Boyer, International Student Program Coordinator, High Mowing School

Mentorship Helps Increase yield and retention

One partner school saw: 

  • 12% decrease in summer melt compared to non-participants

  • 100% first year persistence 

On average, students participating in the program experienced a 19.5% increase in cultural fluency (i.e. student cultural understanding, confidence in language skills, comfort with domestic peers, etc.)


  • 86% more likely to actively participate in or start their own clubs

  • 54% more comfortable working with their peers

  • 46% more comfortable giving presentations

  • 41% more likely to ask for help from a teacher


What makes this program unique?

Social and Cultural Learning: Mentors guided international students as they learn social and cultural skills to be successful.

Alumni Mentors: Alumni and current student mentors engage your community, and get new students excited about school traditions and campus culture.

Real-Time Reporting: Delivering insights and data straight to administrators through our online platform allows you to track progress and see impact.

Shearwater helps us tap into the love, affection, and experience of our alumni to welcome new students into the school community. They give us the ability to do something that we desperately want to do, in a language that the alumni and students understand.
— Antonio Viva, Head of School at Walnut Hill School for the Arts