MENTORSHIP helps international students succeed on campus

  • Alumni or current student mentors guide international students through social and cultural learning.

  • Students begin mentorship over the summer, so that they feel comfortable before they arrive.

  • Students integrate, make strong social bonds, and help the whole community thrive.

  • Administrators have access to student-level reporting so that they can monitor the program's progress and impact.

New students felt at home on campus. 94.8% of all participants would recommend this program to their friends.

Shearwater offers a unique and innovative platform to introduce students to university mentors and resources prior to their arrival on campus. The building of such a relationship creates a strong and meaningful foundation for an incoming student.
— Jane Etish-Andrews, Director of Tufts University International Center


  • 86% more likely to actively participate in or start their own clubs

  • 54% more comfortable working with their peers

  • 46% more comfortable giving presentations

  • 41% more likely to ask for help from a teacher


What makes this program unique?

Social and Cultural Learning: Mentors guided international students as they learn social and cultural skills to be successful.

Community Mentors: Current student or alumni mentors engage your community, and get new students excited about school traditions and campus culture.

Real-Time Reporting: Delivering insights and data straight to administrators through our online platform allows you to track progress and see impact.