• Our programs pair incoming students with community mentors pre-arrival.

  • Mentors build excitement about your school's unique value and campus culture. 

  • Mentors provide personalized support to students who are undecided or come from diverse backgrounds (i.e. first-generation students, low income students, etc.). 

  • Our partners have had success decreasing summer melt and increasing enrollment conversion up to 40%. 

Students participating in the program at Fairfield University were nearly twice as likely to enroll in the university as those without mentors.

Shearwater helped a flagship university:

  • Decrease overall melt by 6.9%

  • Increase international enrollment conversion by 39.7%.

  • Decrease melt for participants to < 1%. 

What makes this program unique?

Community Mentors: Recruiting mentors from the community helps build excitement among incoming students about what makes your school unique.

Individualized Curriculum Pathways: Providing personalized curriculum to provide the right kind of support for students with diverse backgrounds

Real-Time Reporting: Delivering insights and data straight to administrators through our online platform allows you to track progress and see impact.

The program allows our students to gain a much needed advantage in their onboarding and cultural adjustment.
— Dan Budak, Fairfield University