About Shearwater

We believes that every student, regardless of background or means, should have access to a mentor.

To achieve this, we’ve built a post-revenue edtech company with huge early traction, including >40 partner schools and a clear path to profitability. In summer 2015, we completed the Techstars accelerator program in Boston, and raised $1.1m in funding. We are a socially minded enterprise that cares deeply about having a positive impact on our users, who are often underrepresented groups in their community. 

Product & Stack

We build and ship a webapp that empowers mentors and mentees. With our help, even an inexperienced mentor can connect with a mentee halfway around the world, and have a demonstrated impact on their educational success and outcomes.

On the backend, we run an API server built with Ruby on Rails, and a pool of Resque workers for running background jobs. We use Redis and Postgres as data stores, deploy to Heroku, and run tests using CircleCI.

Our responsive mobile web client is built using Ember and developed using Ember CLI. We always stay up-to-date with the latest version of Ember. All our Javascript is written in ES6 (and uses ES6 modules) and is transpiled using Babel. We use PostCSS for styling.

 Looking forward, we're excited about React Native, Elm, Pheonix/Elixir and WebRTC as technologies to handle native app development and scalable, real-time communications.

At work, we use GitHub, Slack, Trello and Google Apps.

Our engineering Values

Be results-oriented. The best idea wins-- no dogma or religious scruples.

Stay focused on our users. Validate product before building it. We're constantly running experiments and interviews.

Give back. Open-source touches everything we do. We hold 'open source days' to give back when we hit our goals.

Build conventions into tooling. Static analysis, linting, code generation and tests > documentation.

Do code review. For everything that we ship.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage APIs and hosted services when appropriate.

On everything else, be flexible. We empower our teams to achieve their best, regardless of how or when they like to work.