“The overarching goal I have set with Borja is self-care. This goal encompasses several smaller goals such as healthy sleeping and eating habits and maintaining a social life. These goals are meant to help my study habits so that I can academically be successful. This goal s applicable outside of school because whether or not I'm working on a paper or studying for an exam, I will always need to be able to take care of myself.“

-Amanda, Mentee at Penn State University

“I asked jake a question regarding how his relationship with his first roommate played out during freshman year. He answered this question by touching on his personal experience with a roommate. This was very helpful to hear, as he told me that it is normal to have a roommate that isn't your best friend or a relationship that has ups and downs.”

-Sawyet, Mentee at Tufts University

“I asked about various classes (like different levels of calc); he was able to tell me about his experience, which allowed me to make more informed decisions about which section to take.”

-Samantha, Mentee at Tufts University

“[One goal I've set with my mentee is to] expand her social horizons by being open to meeting people at her dorm, and trying some clubs to meet new people.”

-Jesse, Mentor at Tufts University

“She helped me answer so many questions, but one of my most important ones was about managing classes. She gave me many good tips and ideas on how to create a ‘mock schedule.’”

-Sofia, Mentee at Tufts University

“[My mentee] asked what there is to do around campus, especially in regards to making more friends, so I'll be sending him a list of the clubs on campus and introducing him to my friends.“

-Ciarra-Lynn, Mentor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo

“[My mentor] has helped me organize my graduation requirements and make sure that they are managed and met before I graduate.“

-Victoria, Mentee at the University of Hawaii at Hilo